The Klevio app is available to use on both iOS (v8.0 onwards) and Android phones (v5.0 onwards).

What if my phone is stolen?

Someone who has stolen or found your phone would first need to know your phone’s passcode (if you have one) and then know that Klevio is an app for unlocking your doors. Then they’d still need to find out where you live. 

You can set a pin on your Klevio app for added security.  You can also log into Klevio using someone else’s phone and let yourself into your house. 

In the meantime, your traditional keys will still work.

What if my phone battery dies?

While it’s often easier to find a phone charger than lost or forgotten keys, in an emergency you can also download the Klevio app and access your account from someone else’s phone, allowing you to open your doors from their phone. 

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