There are several different device states that Klevio can display. The Legend below will help explain the diagrams that follow:

Incoming Call

When Klevio is rung from outside the unit will ring and the bottom right light will flash - if you are close to the unit the proximity lights on the left will trigger at the same time:

Proximity Lights

Answering the Call

When answering Klevio, the bottom right button will glow orange - the remaining lights will glow blue. To answer tap the bottom right button:

Opening the Door

To open the door tap the top left button. This will now glow orange along with the bottom right button - the remaining lights will glow blue:

Muting the Call

To mute the call tap the bottom right button.

Ending the call

To end the call tap the top right button which will glow blue - the two left buttons will also glow blue:

Proximity Trigger

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