Your Klevio app

Your app enables you to:

  1. Swipe and press to unlock your doors                    
  2. Share digital keys to others so they can use the app to unlock your door/s too 

Downloading the app

The Klevio app is available on both the iTunes App and Google Play Stores. Please download the app and sign up using the email address you gave us when we did the installation.

Getting your digital keys

Hopefully we set up your master keys for you during installation. However, if this was not possible, please get in touch with us through the ‘Support’ section of the app (under ‘More’) and we can issue them to you.

Please note:

For your app to work, both your phone (either through mobile or WiFi network) and your device (through your home WiFi or 4G) need to be online. If either are offline, you won’t be able to use your app to open door/s. 

If your phone is offline your app will have a red strip on the top letting you know.

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