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How do I share App-less Access?
How do I share App-less Access?

App-less Access instructions for sharing

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When sharing keys through your Dashboard, you’ll see the App-less Access feature available for selection in the ‘Key features’ tab.

After sharing the key, a 7-digit code is shown on your dashboard. You need to share this code with the person you’ve shared the key with in order for them to use App-less Access.

How do I see who can use App-less Access?

There are two ways of doing that:

  1. Navigate to Users & Keys page in the dashboard where you can see the list of all of the users that you’ve shared keys with. You can either click on the blue button with the image of key and a number on the right for the individual user or you can click ‘show all’ at the top and all keys will be shown. The keys that have been shared with App-less Access feature will have blue @ displayed under the Features column.

  2. Navigate to the Doors page and when you click on a specific Door you can see all the keys that have been issued for this door - you can see who is the Keyholder and what features have the keys been issued with - including App-less Access feature that will once again have blue @ displayed under the Features column.

How do I edit App-less Access keys? How do I get the App-less Access code again and how do I send the user the App-less Access email again?

Whether you’re looking at keys with App-less Access enabled in the Users & Keys page or in the Doors page, you can click on the key and the Key Details window will pop up. By clicking on the Edit key details in the top right corner of the pop-up window, you can:

  • edit the key name and description,

  • add, remove or change labels,

  • choose to get a new code that the user needs to use for App-less Access

  • resend a link to App-less Access that users receive via email.

How do I disable App-less Access keys?

When in the Key Details pop-up, you can Disable App-less Access or Delete Key. If you Disable App-less Access, the user will keep the regular Klevio Digital Key they can use through the app, but lose the ability to use App-less Access. If you Delete Key, the user will lose both the App-less Access and the Digital Key and will not be able to interact with the doors anymore through the Klevio system immediately

Click below to find App-less Access instructions for sharing:

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