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How do I use App-less Access?
How do I use App-less Access?

App-less Access instructions for users

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How do I unlock a door using App-less Access?

When the key owner shares App-less Access with you, he basically shares a digital key with the App-less Access feature with you. You’ll receive an email that will contain a link which will take you to a page that asks for a 7-digit code. This code should have been sent to you by the person giving you access.

UNLOCKING DOORS - After successfully entering your access code you will be taken to a page. Depending on the specific technology of the door (electric strike or Nuki), you will see either an “Open” or “Lock” & “Unlock” action in the browser. The “Open” button will let you open the door for a few seconds, after which the door will lock itself.

Some doors make a sound when opened while others don’t, so when you receive the message that the action was successful, you should try opening the door. If the “Unlock” and “Lock” actions are available, you’ll have to lock the door by hand or by triggering the corresponding action in the interface. “Open” or “Lock” & “Unlock” actions can be pressed up to 5 times. You can see how many remaining actions are available beneath the button.

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