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How to use the Klevio One device?
How to use the Klevio One device?

The basic information for the Klevio One device

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There are several different device states that Klevio can display. The Legend below will help explain the diagrams that follow:

There are four buttons on the front of your device and two on the back.

Front of the device:

Door 1: press to open door 1

Door 2: press to open door 2

Pick up / Mute: press to answer a call, press again to mute and again to unmute

Hang up: press to end a call

Back of device:

Reset: resets Klevio

Settings: lets you access your device settings (Wi-Fi connection and audio) via the web page

Answering a call: When Klevio is rung from outside, the device will ring and the ‘Pick up / Mute’ button will flash blue (If you’re close to the unit the indicator lights on the left will turn blue at the same time). To pick up the call, press the ‘Pick up / Mute’ button, which will change from blue to orange, and you can now speak to the person outside.

Opening your door if your device stops working: You can trigger a manual unlock of your communal door by pressing the small round button on the console behind the device. This can be accessed by unmounting the device with an upward sliding motion.

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