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Can I self install Klevio?
Can I self install Klevio?
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Klevio installation involves fitting and wiring up electric strikes in your doorframe/s, which is a bit more complicated than simply replacing a lock (as you would install a typical smart lock).

For most flats, it also involves integrating Klevio with your existing intercom system. This can be reasonably straightforward, but there are no industry standards for intercoms so it often isn’t. Far safer to let one of our fully trained intercom engineers take care of this for you.

Between them, they’ve done hundreds and hundreds of installations, they’ll show you exactly how both the device and the app work, and can answer any questions you may have. As we like to say: you install the app - we install the rest.

But nevertheless - if your case involves simpler intercom model, or if you have your own electrician available, you may be able to do a self-installation - please contact our customer support team to discuss.

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