Here are the instructions to reconnect Klevio if your wifi credentials have been changed.

  1. Simply plug the mini hub into your new router instead of your old one, reboot it, wait 2 minutes, reboot Klevio, and you should be good to go

2) Point Klevio at your new router instead using the following steps:

  • Hold the top right settings buttons for 3 seconds - it will flash blue
  • Once it turns solid, it has set up a wifi hotspot called 'Klevio' - connect to this from your phone/laptop with password 'KlevioConnect'
  • In a browser, navigate to web page '' and enter your new wifi credentials
  • Wait for the blue light to stop flashing, wait another ~20 seconds, then reboot (double press on the black power switch underneath on the right)

If you get completely stuck just let us know, hope this helps!

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