When someone rings your doorbell

  1. When your doorbell rings, the blue light next to the pick up/hang up button will start to flash. Press the pick-up/hang up button at the bottom right of the device once to be able to speak to the person outside. 
  2. The microphone is located within the casing of Klevio, so you will be able to speak directly at the intercom. You’ll know that they can hear you because a solid orange light on the bottom right phone symbol.
  3. Press the relevant door button on the left hand side to unlock the door and let them in. In properties with a single entrance door, your door will typically be connected to Door 2 (bottom left button)
  4. In properties with a communal entrance, the communal front door is usually Door 1 (top left button) and the door to your personal property is usually Door 2 (bottom left button)
  5. Hang-up with the top right hang up symbol - your device will now be back in its inactive state. 
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