Thank you for joining the Klevio family!  

Now that you’ve had Klevio installed, it’s time to start enjoying all the benefits of opening your doors - from anywhere - and sharing virtual keys with your phone. 

To help get you up and running, we’ve created a guide for how to use both your Klevio app and your Klevio device.

If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime by going to ‘Contact Klevio’ in your app’s settings and sending us a message, or by emailing us at [email protected]

Your app

Your app enables you to

  1. Swipe to unlock your doors                    
  2. Share virtual keys to others so they can use the app to unlock your door/s too 

Downloading the app
The Klevio app is available on both the iTunes app store and Google Play Stores, please download the app and sign up using the email address you gave us when we did the installation.

Getting your virtual keys
Hopefully we set up your master keys for you during installation. However, if this was not possible, please get in touch with us through the ‘Help and support’ section of the app (under ‘Settings’) and we can issue them to you.

Sharing keys
To share keys go to the shared tab in your app (you will only see this tab once your keys have been issued). Press the ‘share a key’ button at the top and enter the email address of the person you’d like to share a key with. They will receive an email letting them know that you’ve shared a key with them which they can then access by downloading the app and signing up with this email address. If the key does not immediately appear in the “my keys” section of the app, they may need to refresh the key list by pulling the “my keys” screen down.

Unlocking doors
For your app to work, both your phone (either through mobile or wifi network) and your device (through your home wifi) need to be online. If either are offline, you won’t be able to use your app to open door/s. 

If you phone is offline your app will have a red strip on the top letting you know.

If your app stops working:

  • Restart the app
  • In iOS double click on the home button, then swipe up to remove the app.
  • In Android click the square button to list all apps, then swipe right to remove the app (please note that your version of Android might have a different procedure).

If swipe to unlock shows failure to open doors:

  • Confirm the device is switched on and working (see the instructions below in the device section).
  • Confirm that you home wifi is working (if you have changed the password or switched to a new router, see the set up instructions below)
  • Get in touch with us through the ‘Help and support’ section of the app and we can help to resolve the problem

If you still have problems with your app, please contact Klevio either through the app (go to settings - help and support - contact Klevio) or send us an email to [email protected]

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