When I try to use my digital keys, my doors won’t open and the message “Uh-oh” appears with a red ‘X’ symbol on my app.

Likely Cause: Your Klevio device has no power or there’s an intercom problem


  • Wave in front of your device to trigger the proximity sensor. If the buttons don’t illuminate, you know you’ve lost power

  • Make sure your device is plugged in and switched on. If not, plug in/switch on and allow 30 seconds for your Klevio to reboot

  • Check that the top part of your device is properly clicked down onto the console

Likely Cause: Your home internet is down OR You’ve changed your Wi-Fi password or replaced your router


  • If you're experiencing poor internet service, consult your internet provider or consider upgrading your Klevio to a 4G-enabled device

  • If your Wi-Fi setup has changed, follow the instructions here.

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