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Arriving at your destination but still don’t have keys?
Arriving at your destination but still don’t have keys?
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If you haven’t received an email from Klevio saying that keys have been shared with you, then it is likely that the property manager hasn’t issued keys to you yet. We can check this for you if you provide us with your account email address, but unfortunately, we are not able to issue keys for you on the property manager’s behalf. The best course of action is to contact your property manager and ask them to check whether they have issued the keys.

If you have received an email showing that keys have been shared, but don’t see any keys in the app, try tapping the refresh arrow in the top right.

If that doesn’t work, tap more → settings, and check that the email address of the Klevio account you are logged into matches the email address to which the key sharing email was sent. If it does not, please log out and use the correct account, or ask your property manager to share the keys again to your preferred address.

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