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What is Quick Access and how to set it up?
What is Quick Access and how to set it up?

Everything you need to know about QR codes for quick unlocking

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Quick Access allows you to generate and print out QR codes that will automatically unlock or show the appropriate key to your users when they scan them with their smartphone. This means your users don’t need to manually open the Klevio app and search for their keys each time they want to unlock your doors, which provides a more pleasant access experience.

Your users still need to have the Klevio app installed on their smartphone and you still need to share the appropriate keys with them for Quick Access to work. The QR code works as a shortcut that tells your smartphone which app it needs to open and which keys it needs to use.

QR code unlocking needs to be set up for each door individually:

  • Click on a door (for example in the Doors list) to go to its Info page.

  • In the Door Details box, click on the “Set QR code unlock for this door” link.

  • A pop-up dialogue will appear where you can customize your QR code’s settings and give it a recognisable name (this name will also appear on the QR code printout).

  • Once you’re happy with the settings chosen, click “Generate QR code”.

  • A second dialogue will appear, showcasing your new QR code - click “Print code” to download an image file of your code that you can print out and display next to the corresponding door.

  • Click “Close” to exit the dialogue.

More information about Quick Access:

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